LEO & Scott

Meet Scott Poore.

Leaving corporate America behind, he has dedicated his life to animals- volunteering more than 50 hours a week in animal shelters. And when he's not volunteering, he's working hard to bring hope to shelters across his community.

Scott creates and promotes fundraisers to help shelters meet their needs, and he spends quality time with some of the most veteran 4-legged residents in those shelters in an effort to help them find the forever homes they deserve.


Even as these adoptions increase, the reality is there is still a need for animal shelters.

So Scott also spends a significant amount of time on fundraising campaigns for the shelters he partners with. Finding out what their most critical need is, he puts out pleas on social media for those supplies.

And again, his community of followers responds. One such response ensured that every single shelter dog in the state of Kansas would have a new bed.