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Sh*t for My Dog Canvas Tote
Sh*t for My Dog Canvas Tote
Sh*t for My Dog Canvas Tote

    Sh*t for My Dog Canvas Tote

    We know you love your dog because you do everything for him/her! You are their porter, maid, chef, groomer, personal trainer, chauffeur, personal assistant, and snuggle companion. Why not let everyone else know?
      The sh*t for my dog tote bag is durable, stylish, and shows off your personality in a fun—and functional—way.

      The "Sh*t for My Dog Canvas Tote" is perfect for running errands, heading to the farmers market, or visiting the dog park! The handles are long enough to be propped over your shoulder and fit snuggly. Made from heavy, durable canvas, you can be sure that everything will stay securely inside. Great for grocery shopping or carrying necessities, this reusable Mission Driven bag is a handy helper you'll love.
      Color: Cream
      Tote capacity: 14 liters
      Size: 14" W x 12" H x 5 1/4" D
      100% heavy canvas
      21½" web handles
      10" handle drop
      Large front outside pocket
      Bottom gusset
      Are you a t-shirt company, or do you do animal rescue? We are both! Yes, we do animal rescue work. But we also sell cool dog and cat-themed apparel and goods for pet lovers. And those sales fund our animal rescue work. One cannot exist without the other.

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