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Puppy Breath Candle
Puppy Breath Candle
Puppy Breath Candle

    Puppy Breath Candle

    Who doesn't love the sweet aroma of a new puppy's breath? We promise it's not a joke. So fresh. So sweet. This freshwater mint-scented candle will make you feel cuddled up to the freshest puppy breath.
    People love puppies' breath because many young puppies have a sweet-scented breath, unlike the breath of adult dogs. This sweet smell occurs because of the puppy's clean teeth, drinking his mother's milk, and the kinds of bacteria present in a new puppy's mouth. Our "puppy breath candle" will have you feeling refreshed in any room you put the candle.
    Fragrance: Fresh Water Mint
    8 oz. gold tin container
    Small batch, hand-poured in Kansas City; a collaboration with The Corner Candleshop (Brookside).
    Burns about 45 hours
    For long, even burn, allow the candle to liquify. And after first burn, keep wick trimmed to 1/4".
    Mission Driven is more than a t-shirt company. Scott is on a mission to help people understand that sometimes a shelter dog needs more love and patience to draw its trust in humans. It's why Scott shares their stories and introduces you to some pretty incredible shelter pets. Our goal is to find all long-term shelter pets forever homes.

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