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Dogs, Yes. You, Not So Much T-Shirt

    Dogs, Yes. You, Not So Much T-Shirt

    Yep, we said it! And we know sometimes you think about it.
    Our “Dogs, yes. You, not so much,” shirt speaks the truth.
    How many days do you love your dog more than the humans you come in contact with? This shirt speaks louder than what we can voice.
    Brand: Bella Canvas
    Color: Heather Mint
    Unisex True-to-size fit
    Material: Poly/Cotton Blend
    Mission Driven Goods is all about being kind to animals, especially those in need of a little extra TLC. Scott work every day helping the forgotten homeless pets find loving homes. He has helped over 1300 long-term shelter pets find loving homes. Your purchase helps keep Scott doing what he does best, animal rescue work. Thank you for caring about the forgotten homeless pets.

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