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Who Rescued Who T-Shirt
Who Rescued Who T-Shirt

    Who Rescued Who T-Shirt

    It’s the million-dollar question, and no answer is wrong. Who rescued who?
    The first part of a pet adoption story will showcase the owner as the hero who rescued the shelter pet and gave them their forever home. But come back in a month and hear the second part of the story. It’s about a newly owned pet whose unconditional love and snuggles rescued the owner in some way too. Who rescued who is the perfect shirt to showcase how a pet finds a home and an owner finds a forever friend.
    Unisex. Ultra-soft. Pre-shrunk. True to size fit.
    Color: Heather Red
    At Mission Driven, we believe that all shelter pets deserve a loving owner and a forever home. It’s why we dedicate 7-days a week to helping spread the love of pet adoption and the hard work of animal shelters everywhere.