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7 Fall Dangers For Dogs You Might Not Know

on September 21, 2021
7 Fall Dangers For Dogs You Might Not Know

Cooler weather brings out all our fall favorites, but it also carries some dangers for our furry best friends. So help keep your dog healthy and safe this fall by being aware of some risks the cooler weather brings.


1. Fall Brings on Allergies

Seasonal allergies are no fun for you, but they can also affect our dogs. The same bothersome symptoms you can experience from ragweed, pollen, mold, dust, and grasses can be similar for them. Itching, scratching, rubbing, water eyes, runny nose, and even ear infections can make your dog miserable.

To get ahead of their allergies, help your dog out by giving them regular baths to help rinse away allergens and soothe their itchy skin. You can also wipe their paws every time they come inside to help keep the allergens from being tracked inside.

2. Fall Brings Fallen Leaves, Fruit, and Nuts

Fallen leaves might be pretty, but they are no fun to rake! And they aren’t always good for your dog either. On the other hand, fallen leaves under trees or in cool places are the perfect environment for wild mushrooms to grow. Of course, not all mushrooms are toxic, but unless you’re a mushroom expert, it can be tough to identify those that are.

And did you know that certain fruits and nuts that fall have toxic seeds? For example, apples, plums, and apricots contain harmful seeds, and acorns contain tannic acid, which can cause upset stomachs and can cause liver and kidney damage.

To keep your dog safe, keep them away from wildly growing mushrooms. This might mean checking your yard daily to remove any wild mushrooms growing. And it’s also the perfect time to pick up any fallen fruits that might contain toxic seeds.

7 Fall Dangers For Dogs You Might Not Know


3. Fall Brings Out Some Toxic Everyday Chemicals to Avoid

As temperatures drop, chores around the house and car pick up. We work to get everything ready for the colder temps to come in the winter. Some folks will break out the antifreeze to keep their cars running smoothly, and others will set traps to kill the rodents trying to find a place inside.

Antifreeze is a sweet-smelling liquid that only takes a few licks to kill a small or medium-sized dog. Ensure your dog stays away from this; make sure they don’t drink from puddles or streams where antifreeze may have a runoff.

Just as antifreeze is dangerous for your pet, so are many mouse and rat poisons available. They can be toxic and deadly if ingested. To avoid this, use a non-toxic alternative like cayenne pepper and peppermint soap or mouse traps that kill instantly.

4. Falls Brings a Peak to Flea Season

Fleas can carry tapeworms and other health concerns. And although we might think that the cooler temperatures kill off the fleas, fall is actually their peak season. Temperatures have to be below 30 degrees F sustained to kill off fleas.

To keep your dog safe, don’t back off on their flea prevention. Instead, use a flea preventative throughout the season to keep those pests away.

5. Fall Brings Out the Mothballs

You might be pulling out your fall clothes, and with that comes the mothballs. As you unpack your cold-weather clothes, make sure you don’t lose any mothballs. Mothballs are toxic to dogs because they do contain high concentrations of insecticides.

To keep your dog safe, keep your dog out of the room while you unpack and then dispose of the mothballs carefully, ensuring you don’t lose any. And then, as you pack up your summer clothes, try non-toxic alternatives like cedar balls or even lavender sachets.

7 Fall Dangers For Dogs You Might Not Know


6. Fall Brings Fall Foods & Lots of Candy

Fall means the holiday season is about to begin, and with that comes all sorts of tasty treats we humans love but should be avoided by dogs. Hopefully, you already know dogs should avoid chocolate, but they should also avoid grapes, raisins, onions, and nuts.

Though some nuts are safe, some are toxic, and almost all nuts are high in fat. High-fat foods can lead to obesity and pancreatic issues in dogs.

Keep the Halloween candy out of reach, and the table scraps off the floor to keep your dog healthy!

7. Fall Brings Cooler Weather and Shorter Days

The cool, crisp air is a favorite for many people. But it’s also a reminder that the days are getting shorter and colder. Colder temperatures can exacerbate arthritis in some pets, and smaller breeds with short-hair coats might get too cold without a jacket. And shorter days can mean daylight walks are now done in the dark.

To keep your dog safe, be more alert on your walks. Consider using a reflective collar or safety vest when you are out in the dark.

Fall can be a favorite time for everyone, but let’s make sure we keep our favorite pup happy and healthy.


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