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Mission Driven helps long-term shelter pets find forever homes while creating unique apparel and goods for dog and cat lovers.


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More than a t-shirt company. Helping long-term shelter pets find loving homes. Mission Driven Goods.
More than a t-shirt company.

Animal shelters across the country are overcrowded and underfunded. With so many shelter pets to find homes for, it can seem hopeless for many homeless pets.

But what if all these organizations- and their pets- had someone to be their friend, tell their story, and get them a little attention?

Scott spends his days helping long-term shelter pets find homes. The clothing line funds that work. Your purchase truly makes a difference.


Our Animal Rescue Work

We love our pet-themed apparel, but what Scott accomplishes in animal rescue work is what makes everyone's hearts soar.
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An Opportunity to Give & Receive

This year, the Charity Ride-A-Long will enable Scott to hit the road again this summer with the Rural Animal Shelter Tour!

Help bring excitement and love to animal shelters that can always use a hand up.

You and up to 2 friends or family can spend a day with Scott visiting a local animal shelter and give Scott the chance to spend a day at a rural animal shelter this summer!

Pet-Themed Apparel & Goods

Browse our online store of apparel and goods for the dog and cat-obsessed. Your purchase helps Scott find long-term shelter pets homes.


Latest Stories

Read the latest and greatest on our rescue work.

On January 11th, Scott Poore had the honor of talking about On A Mission KC and Mission Driven...

on January 11, 2023

Nyla's story is heartbreaking. A life of severe abuse and neglect. She was killed, but she died knowing she was loved. Here is out tribute to Nyla.

on September 30, 2022

Whiskey and Tango are two Mastiffs looking for a forever home. They are a dynamic duo who must stay together. They haven't had it easy in their life, but for one day they had a limo adventure that was all about them.

on July 27, 2022

Captured Moments with Shelter Dogs

We love helping shelter pets find forever homes.

It can take time to build trust with some rescue pets. But it's worth it.

Sometimes they just need a little attention.

Sometimes they just need to play.

And sometimes, they just need some love.

And until they find their forever home, we are here for them.