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Mission Driven helps long-term shelter pets find forever homes while creating unique apparel and goods for dog and cat lovers.

More than a t-shirt company.

Animal shelters across the country are overcrowded and underfunded. With so many shelter pets to find homes for, it can seem hopeless for many homeless pets.

But what if all these organizations- and their pets- had someone to be their friend, tell their story, and get them a little attention?


Our Animal Rescue Work

We love our pet-themed apparel, but what we accomplish in animal rescue work is what makes our hearts soar.

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Boldy Promoting Long-Term Shelter Dogs

The Billboard Campaign


Mission Driven is known for creating unique ways to promote shelter pets, so we've gone above and beyond with our newest idea, a permanent billboard.

We are on a mission to find dogs who have been at the animal shelter the longest and feature them on the billboard until they find their forever home.

And thanks to the billboard sponsorship by Celsius Tannery, we are ready to promote pet adoption boldly.

So get ready, Kansas City; you might meet your new pet on a billboard!

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Sally Sue approached almost 560 days of homelessness.

But this beautiful 11 years young, Pit Bull Mix survived abuse. She was given a billboard to help her find a forever home. Some might have seen her as an underdog, but one hero saw the love she still has to offer.

Sally was adopted and got to go to her forever home on October 24th.


Our goal is to keep this permanent billboard campaign all throughout the year.

When our featured shelter dog gets adopted, we would put up a new shelter dog in need of a home.

By investing in our billboard campaign you can help keep our vision alive.

Mission Driven is not a 501(c)(3), but all money donated towards a shelter campaign goes directly to shelter campaigns.

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Browse our online store of apparel and goods for the dog and cat-obsessed. Your purchase helps spread the love of pet adoption everywhere.

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Latest Stories

Read the latest and greatest on our rescue work.

Every dog has a story; those found in animal shelters sometimes have stories that break your heart. Unfortunately, Bubba has one of those stories.

on November 10, 2021

Shelter dogs are typically homeless as to no fault of their own. They are lovable and deserve a forever home. Make a shelter dog's day and consider adopting a shelter pet.

on October 22, 2021

In September, Scott toured and promoted four (4) animal shelters, all doing fantastic work. And guess what, as always, the Mission Driven community stepped up and once again showed their generosity. Over $15,000 was raised during September, and it all went directly to the shelters it was donated for.

on October 05, 2021

Captured Moments with Shelter Dogs

We love helping shelter pets find forever homes.

It can take time to build trust with some rescue pets. But it's worth it.

Sometimes they just need a little attention.

Sometimes they just need to play.

And sometimes, they just need some love.

And until they find their forever home, we are here for them.