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We Do More Than Sell T-Shirts

Mission Driven is in the process of becoming a 501(c)(3). But in the meantime, it doesn't stop us from animal rescue work.

Our rescue work is made possible by the online store's pet-themed apparel and goods! So when you buy a cool shirt, you fund our heroes who help shelter animals find their forever homes plus support other really cool shelter campaigns. 

Rescue Work That Matters

Ending Pet Homelessness One Animal At A Time

Rescue Work Takes A Community And Our Community Is Amazing

Mission Driven raised over $1 million for animal shelters since launching and helped place 1200+ non-highly adoptable pets!

One of our inspiring campaigns gave 157 animal shelters beds for their homeless pets, equating to 6251 cozy beds for the winter. And you all have donated over 600 bags of dog treats to animal shelters in 2021!

Why We Share Homeless Pet Stories_MIssion Driven
Why We Share Homeless Pet Stories?

We understand that homeless pets don't always have the most glamorous stories. Some have come from severe abuse and neglect. By sharing their story and showing their beautiful nature, we know we can find them their forever home. 

We may not help every pet we meet, but we promise that we will use our voice to share their stories in a fun, compassionate way when we do.

Why We Create & Host Shelter Campaigns_Mission Driven
Why We Create & Host Shelter Campaigns

Numbers show that 6.5 million animals enter U.S shelters every year (ASPCA). And not all of these homeless pets are immediately adopted.

Our fundraising campaigns help provide resources to animal shelters enabling them to provide temporary homes to homeless dogs and cats while giving them the best care.

What We Have Accomplished as a Community

We love our pet-themed apparel, but what we accomplish in animal rescue work is what makes our hearts soar.
Donate to a Shelter Campaign
Love What You Read

Donate to a Shelter Campaign

Mission Driven is in the process of becoming a 501(c)(3). In the meantime, if you would like to donate to one of our campaigns, feel free to click on the button below. Please mention which campaign you would like your money to go towards, and we will do the rest. Thank you!


Quality Shirt, Worthy Cause

Building a community of pet-rescue heroes. We spend 7 days a week in animal shelters and have helped 1200+ long-term homeless pets find forever homes. And we sell cool, pet-themed apparel to make this happen. Adopt don't shop.
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