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Meet Scott & Leo Poore

The Man & Dog Behind Mission Driven

The first day at a shelter is challenging for any dog. They are scared, confused, and most are waiting for their previous owner to come back for them.

Now imagine a dog's eight hundredth day in an animal shelter. Their hope is fading, and they are constantly overlooked for younger dogs, smaller dogs, and puppies. These dogs are kept in one of the last kennels of the animal shelter, and oftentimes volunteers cannot work with them due to various behavior concerns. In addition, they frequently come from backgrounds of abuse, neglect, and mistreatment, and as a result, are slow to trust.

These are the dogs that Scott Poore works with every day. He gives them a fighting chance to find a loving home that will never mistreat or abandon them.

Scott & Leo Poore
Leo Poore
SCott Poore


Scott left a great job in medical sales to devote his time to helping long-term shelter pets. He drained all his money to finance his daily trips to the animal shelter and soon realized he would need a way to make an income while saving these dogs.

With all the money he had left, he created Mission Driven Goods, a company that sells pet-themed apparel and goods to promote adoption and fund his animal rescue work. With the help of his small team, volunteers, and sponsors, he can save countless dogs.

Scott spends seven days a week visiting local animal shelters to meet and get to know their longest-term residents. He starts slowly by talking to them and offering treats, and day by day gains a little more trust so he can walk them, play with them, and show them that he can be trusted.

He then shares their story on social media with photographs and videos to get them adopted by the perfect family. If the dog requires medical attention, as they often do, he raises money for their treatment. While visiting the long-term shelter dogs, he doesn't forget to get 30 ice cream treats for all the other dogs in the shelter.

He doesn't stop at visiting the animal shelters; he takes different dogs home to help with their training and get them more comfortable in a new environment. They go on car rides, to the park, and he spends countless hours connecting and loving these almost forgotten dogs.

He also spent seven days living in a kennel at an animal shelter as a way to promote the rescue of Queen, a terrier who spent 400 days at Great Plains SPCA. This story went viral and attracted attention worldwide. Queen soon found a loving home thanks to Scott's sacrifice and out-of-the-box thinking.

In 2021, Scott locked himself in a hot car for thirty minutes to demonstrate how deadly it is to leave a dog in a parked car in the summer. Unconventional methods are the best way for Scott to help viewers understand the importance of pet safety and adoption. 

Scott does all this animal rescue work with the help of his lovable companion, Leo.

Scott rescued Leo, his best friend from Great Plains SPCA, who has been a tremendous asset to his cause. Leo, a Wheaten Terrier, was dumped at the shelter when he was four months old after being tied to a tree in the middle of the night. Leo has become a lovable ambassador for his homeless friends by helping make them more comfortable in and out of the shelter. Leo is not only an ambassador, but he's also a therapy dog. Every night when Scott and Leo bring a different dog home from an animal shelter, Leo helps them adapt by bonding with them, playing, and adjusting to the dog's needs. These dogs are the ones that are struggling the most in the shelter environment.

The Future of Mission Driven

Scott's dream is coming true. His dream to start a nonprofit that aims to renovate rural animal shelters from the inside out to attract more potential adopters is here. In 2022, On A Mission KC, a 501(c)(3), was established for Scott's dream to become a reality.

Between Mission Driven and On A Mission KC, animal shelters around the midwest will receive support from a local hero who loves loving shelter pets. 

Mission Driven will continue to sell cool pet-themed apparel and goods for dog and cat-loving humans. And the sales from the online store will continue to fund Scott's animal rescue work. 

Mission Driven will keep sharing long-term shelter pets stories, advocating for local animal shelters (no matter their size) needs, and promoting fundraisers.  

BUT if you want to support his rural animal shelter work, visit On A Mission KC's website and follow all their social channels

Scott has big dreams to help as many homeless pets as possible, not just local dogs. He wants to expand his reach by helping shelter pets all over the country through creative marketing and promotion.

Scott's healthy obsession with working with long-term shelter pets has contributed to the rescue of countless, almost forgotten dogs. And he's just getting started.

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