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Meet Scott & Leo Poore

The Man & Dog Behind Mission Driven

Animal shelters are filled with pets, young and old. Finding homes for the young ones is easy, but for the older pets it can be more challenging. They need someone to advocate for them. They need a voice. 

Scott and Leo are the man and dog behind that voice.

Scott Poore left corporate America to do what he loves most- animal rescue work. With the help of his lovable Wheaten Terrier, Leo, they find homes for the long-term shelter pets most people pass.

And don't let Leo's good looks fool you. He might look like a $4000 dog from the pet store, but he was dumped at a shelter when he was four months old after being tied to a tree in the middle of the night. Someone else's trash is now one of the best lovable ambassadors for his homeless friends at animal shelters everywhere.

Leo is not only an ambassador for his homeless friends, but he's also a therapy dog for the dogs. Every night Scott and Leo bring a different dog from an animal shelter home. These dogs are the ones that are struggling the most in the shelter environment. And Leo keeps his lovable attitude and allows any dog into their home and adapts to that dog's needs. If the puppy wants to play, Leo plays. If the adult dog likes to lay around, Leo's lies about.

Mission Driven exists to allow Scott to volunteer his days at animal shelters and find long-term shelter pets forever homes. His motto, "It's not what you can get; it's what you can give that makes the world a better place," is evident by the work he does every single day.

Although he has been volunteering at animal shelters for over 20 years, it wasn't until 2016 where he made it his lifelong calling. Through his 365 days a year of non-stop dedication, he has helped increase shelter animals' value everywhere.

People have referred to Scott as "a champion for animals," "a wonderful storyteller," "a hero to animal shelters." And his journey is just getting started.

Watch out, America, this hero's bringing Mission Driven to a city near you.

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