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In Loving Memory Of Nyla - Let's End Animal Abuse

on September 30, 2022

In Loving Memory Of Nyla - Let's End Animal Abuse

On September 30, 2022, Nyla, eight months old, passed away feeling love for the first time. In her short life, she experienced severe abuse and neglect by her owner, which killed her.

While she wasn't appreciated and loved by her owner in her life, over 80,000 loved her in death. And one animal advocate (and a team at the Mission Veterinary & Emergency Services)  got to be with her at her end.

Scott Poore spent the last of Nyla's life by her side, loving, hugging, and talking with her. She died knowing she was loved and had a community of advocates who loved her and cared about how she died.

Thousands left tributes in honor of Nyla. Here are a few.

Lynne C. wrote, "Nyla, you are now God's angel, you lived through hell in your short life... love and light over the rainbow bridge." 

Sarah S. wrote, "Sweet Nyla- play in heaven, sweet girl! Blessings for those who helped her find peace." 

Gina wrote, "Sweet Nyla, you are a precious, sweet baby, and if you didn't know love before, then you knew as Scott spent the last few minutes with you. Fly high, princess and RIP."

Amy R. wrote, "Run free sweet Nyla." 

Her life may have been hell on Earth, but her eternity will be in heaven. And we will do what we can to help end animal abuse and neglect in honor of her and the life she should have lived. 

Nyla was put to rest and will have a proper memorial from Scott Poore. He will spread her ashes in the ocean in November, taking her as far from her abuser as possible. She will be remembered forever. And she will be forever loved. 

Rest in peace Nyla!


Your life will not be in vain. Let's end animal abuse and neglect. #justicefornyla SCOTT POORE


In Loving Memory Of Nyla - Let's End Animal Abuse

 In Loving Memory Of Nyla - Let's End Animal Abuse_Mission Driven GOods

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