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A New Life for Bubba, The Homeless Dog Who Captured Our Heart

on November 10, 2021
Scott Poore & Bubba


Every dog has a story; those found in animal shelters sometimes have stories that break your heart. Unfortunately, Bubba has one of those stories. But it's his new beginning that really brings hope. 


The Rescue of Bubba

The Great Plains SPCA HERO team rescued Bubba. Through the combined efforts of multiple city departments and organizations and Bubba's owner, he is now on the road to recovery.

Bubba's owners were displaced after being found squatting in an abandoned home. They knew they could not afford to provide the care to keep him healthy and comfortable. But, because of his owners, the HERO team was made aware of his situation and could rescue him.

Bubba's Rescue

You could physically see the hardships he had faced over the years. His skin was so dry it was bleeding, he had ear and eye infections, his blood work shows he is in the early stages of kidney failure, and x-rays showed bullets all over his body. Someone had shot and tried to kill him.

It's a miracle Bubba is alive.


The Road to Recovery

Now that he is in the care of Great Plains SPCA, he begins his road to medical recovery. And one that is not cheap but will be well worth it because another life was saved.

Great Plains SPCA serves nearly 4,000 pets each year. So you can imagine that a no-kill animal shelter like them has some significant costs to care for so many homeless pets. But through the incredible animal-loving community Mission Drive was able to spread the word on Bubba and raise over $3800 for Bubba's care.

Bubba's Road to Recovery

Throughout his time at Great Plains, he received all of the medical care that he needed and has been living in a very loving foster home for the last few weeks. As he gets closer to being cleared for adoption, the hope of finding him a forever home is getting more exciting. A home where he can rest easy through his golden years.


A Special Day Out for Bubba

Bubba's physical condition may have looked rough, but his days of hardship are long over. On top of receiving top-notch medical care, a temporary foster home, he was the first shelter pet that received a memorable day out from ACE Hardware.

Mission Driven is a proud partner of Westlake ACE Hardware. They go above and beyond for their customers and never hesitate to help animal shelters and shelter pets in need. In addition, they have a vast pet supply section in their stores and are a dog-friendly business! But its newest campaign, the Pet Spree, has us once again in awe of their generosity.

The Pet Spree days are all about spoiling a shelter pet with necessities they will need now and in their new home.

Bubba's Shopping SPree at Westlake

Scott got the pure joy of taking Bubba on his shopping spree day. Anything Bubba wanted, Bubba received. It was his special day!

Upon arrival, Scott told Bubba he could have anything he wanted. As you can imagine, a dog who had nothing and is now told he can have anything was skeptical at first.

Before being rescued, no one had ever done anything nice for Bubba. Now, everyone Bubba meets is friendly to him. Talk about how overwhelming it is to be showered with unconditional love. Bubba is still learning to adjust to his new norm.

So to help him adjust, Scott decided anything that Bubba sniffed for more than five (5) seconds would go into the basket.

Bubba's Shopping Spree_Westlake ACE Hardware

Bubba is brilliant and picked up on that. He sniffed everything in the pet supply department at Westlake, which had Scott laughing with a never-ending smile on his face.

Bubba's basket was filled with his random selections. And then the incredible staff helped select the basics they knew Bubba would need for his future family.

Everything that was gifted to us from our friends at Westlake Ace Hardware will go with Bubba into his forever home, except some treats that went back with him to his foster home.

The day was all about spoiling Bubba and reminding him that he had a small army of people rooting for him. But it also ended up brightening the day of everyone involved.

Bubba's Foster Home & Adoption Day


Bubba Found A Forever Home

On November, 27, 2021, Bubba went home to his new family.

Bubba's adoption story is one of Scott's favorites of all time. Bubba truly went from rags to riches, both physically and mentally.

When Scott met Bubba for the very first time he had an emptiness in his eyes and could tell he was ready to give up. Thanks to the amazing staff at Great Plains SPCA and one of his favorite foster mom’s (Bā Stein), he’s a brand new dog who has his youth back.

So many people played a role in his recovery, which meant there were a lot of goodbye hugs and tears his last day in the shelter. Hounds are a very vocal breed and if you look close enough at his adoption photo you can see Bubba celebrating in his adoption picture. He’s singing the adoption song! A big thank you to his new family.

Have a good life, Bubba!


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