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Beds for Shelter Pets

on December 01, 2020

The Mission

Three years ago, Scott Poore was able to donate 3000 beds. This donation gave a brand new bed to every homeless dog and cat living in animal shelters across Kansas.  

In 2020, Scott aimed higher. 

His goal was to provide every homeless pet living in an animal shelter a warm, comfortable bed to sleep for the winter across Kansas and Missouri. 

His goal was exceeded. 

Scott Poore, donated 6251 beds to shelter pets across Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Indiana and Illinois. These beds were purchased from IKEA. 

Why an IKEA bath mat?  The mats keep the animals dry, warm, and cozy and improve their chances of adoption. These ultra-soft mats fit perfectly on a Kuranda bed. They are incredibly absorbent and easy to launder, allowing volunteers to spend less time doing laundry and more time with the animals.

2020 Shelter Beds for Pets Campaign Numbers

$25,685  $27,500  $0
Donations raised on GoFund Me from individuals.  Donations raised from corporate and celebrity sponsors.


Mission Driven Shelter Bed Campaign Results 2020

 A Message from Eric Fisher

Eric Fisher, of the Kansas City Chiefs, sent Mission Driven a surprise donation towards the campaign, Beds for Shelter Pets.  

Fisher's donation of $2500 was matched by the Hunt Family Foundation & the Kansas City Chiefs to bring a total donation of $5000.   

Watch to see Eric's message to Mission Driven and the KC community.