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Clinton Animal Shelter Ran Out of Pet Food

on March 25, 2022
Clinton Animal Shelter Ran Out of Pet Food

Imagine an animal shelter full of homeless dogs and cats and no food to give them. That's what happened to Clinton Animal Shelter in Missouri. They have been so full at the shelter with homeless pets that the food shortage just snuck on them.

Scott ended up hearing about their lack of food and made a quick plea to the Mission Driven social media community. He added a link to their Amazon Wishlist to the post and figured the community would get them some donations that would take them through summer.

It never occurred to him that they would get pallets upon pallets of food deliveries. Donations are pouring in from all over the state. One Amazon employee commented on a post the first day of deliveries, "You have quite a bit more donations coming!!! I work at Amazon, and we loaded at least 13 more pallets in our sort center! Such a heartwarming thing to witness."

That one post on March 10th reached over 75,000 people and had 780 shares from the Mission Driven Facebook page. The shared post got the attention of FOX4 News Kansas City and KY3 in Springfield.

Two days after that social post pallets started to get delivered, and more were delivered for the next three days! So they have enough food donated to feed their dogs for an entire year in less than a week!

Donations and volunteers are how most rural animal shelters survive. It truly takes a community to run shelters in rural areas, and this story couldn't show that more.

When the donations started arriving by the pallets, Clinton Animal Rescue put out a call for volunteers, and their community showed up.

For delivery and transport of donations, a huge shout out to:

  • Amanda and Gary's Towing
  • Charles and Dalton
  • AA Mechanical
  • United States Postal Service of Clinton
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • Furniture City

For extra storage space, a hug of thank you to Kathy S. and Sarah W. for donating a storage unit for the overflow of food.

For help unloading the pallets, unboxing the packages, and loading up the storage units, loud applause goes to all the groups and individuals who lent a hand. To name a few:

  • Members of Allen Street Baptist Church
  • Marty and the crew from GVMH
  • Some girls from the CHS Soccer team
  • Clinton Boy Scout Troop 430 and their families
  • The postal employees who came after their shifts to help out

And last but not least, to everyone who donated. At the outpouring of generosity, Clinton Animal Shelter and their homeless pets' hearts are filled with love and gratitude. It takes a community coming together to make a difference. Donations of any size do matter!

That's the thing people need to realize. Giving just a little can really add up. It might seem like sending a bag or two of food or contributing $5 won't make a difference, but it truly does! This warms my heart! JEANNE B. SAID IT BEST

When generosity is shown in a time of need, it usually pays forward in the future. And it didn't take long for Clinton Animal Shelter to pay it forward. Because of all the kindness they received, they were able to help other rural animal shelters in need of food and resources.

From no food to an abundance of food, Clinton Animal Shelter loaded up vehicles. They donated food to Stover Animal Shelter, Saline Animal League, Meow Mission, and Richmond Animal Shelter.

One need, one post, led to donations feeding rural animal shelters all over Missouri. This is what "stronger together" means.

So if you ever get asked what it looks like when a bunch of compassionate and generous individuals comes together to help an animal shelter in need, you can tell them this story.

And if you want to continue helping rural animal shelters, check out our Charity Ride-A-Long that supports Scott's rural animal shelter road trip tour!