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Mission Driven Goes Rural July Tour Recap

on August 04, 2021
Mission Driven Goes Rural July Tour Recap

Mission Driven loves helping long-term shelter pets find forever homes. So this summer, Scott decided to go rural and visit animal shelters in communities that don't get the same foot traffic as the city.

In July, he was able to visit four (4) animal shelters in rural communities. But he just didn't visit; he went with a mission to meet two (2) goals.


The 2 Goals of Rural Animal Shelter Road Trip Tour:

  1. Bring exposure to rural animal shelters, showcase their work, and promote a donation drive to provide them with much-needed resources.
  2. Meet their longest-term shelter dog and introduce him to the Mission Driven community to help spread the word on a dog in need of a forever home.
Bringing help and hope to rural animal shelters. GOES RURAL 2021 TOUR


Pleasant Hill Animal Control - Pleasant Hill, Missouri

On July 1, Scott hit the road and headed to Pleasant Hill, MO. While there, he met two (2) dogs that have lived at the shelter for over 200 days.

First up is Zack, a two-year-old American Shelter dog breed. Now you might be thinking you haven't heard of that breed. It's because it's an affectionate term to label mixed-breed dogs that are waiting for a forever home in a shelter near you. This breed is not defined by its pedigree but its personality- thankful, loving, capable, and intuitive.

Zack lived at the shelter for 250 days. He loves everyone and everything and is a diamond in the ruff. And guess what, he was adopted on July 2nd.

Next up is Mama, a six or seven-year-old Blue Heeler mix. She has been at the shelter for over 200 days and came from a terrible situation. She was almost feral when she was rescued and could barely have a leash put on her.

Through the staff and volunteers' love, care, and work, she has had some rehabilitation done and is ready for her forever home. As she learns what love looks like, she is soaking up all the attention and wants a family to dote on her and her alone. She will make a great furry companion for someone who is home a lot and has no other pets.

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Pleasant Hill Animal Control-Pleasant Hill Mo


Hope Pet Rescue Center - Leavenworth, Kansas

On July 5, Scott hit the road and headed to Leavenworth, Kansas. Scott's thought was that he was visiting a small animal shelter, and while it is small, he was shocked at the services they offered.

Don is the owner of Hope Pet Rescue. He realized his town needed an animal shelter because pets are constantly getting dumped on the side of the road in rural areas. So he opened the animal shelter that houses 20-30 pets. However, he realized the community needed more services once that was up and running, so he started them!

Hope Pet Rescue center consists of an animal shelter, a spay and neuter clinic, a food pantry, and a thrift shop that helps fund the shelter.

Scott's visit that day helped them set up an Amazon wishlist of much-needed supplies. And within days, the amazing community of animal rescue heroes did what they do best- meet the needs of shelter pets.

Over the week, Hope Pet Rescue received pop-up tents, cleaning supplies, stainless steel bowls, and enrichment products. They appreciated the support so much, they paid it forward by donating a couple of pallets of extra dog food to animal shelters in need.

We also have to give a huge shout-out to Joe Mick, owner of Splash and Go Express. He donated $2000 to go towards getting Hope Pet Rescue some turf in their yard.

And, of course, the shelter tour promotes a long-term shelter dog. Here Scott met Legend.

Legend had been at the shelter for two (2) years. And although she got plenty of walks, belly rubs, and love from the volunteers, she was ready to find a place to call home.

Due to the light foot traffic at the shelter, Scott convinced the staff and volunteers to transfer their favorite shelter dog to a larger animal shelter in the city. She arrived at Great Plains SPCA on July 12th. She went through a medical check and a behavior evaluation to get her cleared for adoption. And she had a small army of people who helped her adjust to a new shelter.

Once Legend was cleared for adoption, it didn't take long for someone to fall in love. Two days later, Legend met her new owner and finally found a place she can call him.

Legend's story is a reminder that it truly takes a village of people and organizations working together to help save pets' lives.

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Hope Pet Rescue Center Leavenworth Kansas


Ozark Kat and K9 Shelter - Sunrise Beach, Missouri

On July 13, Scott hit the road and headed to Sunrise Beach, Missouri. After following them for a few years on social, he finally made the visit. 

Ozark Kat and K9 Shelter house 80 pets. And if you love cats, this is the shelter you should visit because it primarily has cats! They have the shelter and offer low-cost spay and neutering, and they run a thrift store that funds 70% of their animal rescue work.  

So Scott did what he does best; he helped them create a special Amazon wishlist with items they desperately needed. And as always, the community stepped up and fulfilled the list.  

The UPS delivery person got their workout when he delivered in one day fifty-five packages filled with cleaning supplies, food, treats, and enrichment products that provide cats and dogs mental and physical stimulation throughout the day.  

Then Scott headed to the back to meet their long-term shelter dog. Jewel is a 1 1/2-year-old Pit Bull mix. She lived at the shelter for over 200 days. She loves people of all ages and has no challenges. She only asked for no cats to be in her new home, and if there are other dogs, she would like to meet them first.  

When Scott first saw her, he recognized the sadness in her eyes of losing hope. He knew she would be considered a highly adoptable pet in a city, but she lives in a rural town with low foot traffic. He couldn't get her sadness out of his mind after he left the shelter that day.  

So many people helped share her story, but Scott knew that if he could get her transferred to Kansas City, she would be adopted pretty quickly. So behind the scenes, he started raising money to help get all her vaccinations up-to-date and pay for her transport.  

In less than two weeks, she was transferred and evaluated for medical and behavior. Once she was ready for adoption, the news was spread, and in a matter of a few days, she found her forever home. Jewel has two furry siblings and grandchildren that couldn't wait to spoil her.  

The look of sadness is no longer in her eyes.  

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Ozark Kat and K9 Sunrise Beach


Clinton Animal Shelter- Clinton, Missouri

On July 24, Scott and Cassie (photographer who volunteered to capture some memories) headed to Clinton, Missouri.

Like most animal shelters right now, Clinton Animal Shelter currently has more dogs coming in than they do being adopted. However, the drive is less than an hour away from Kansas City, so it's a great place to visit and find a pet to adopt.

As he walked through the shelter, he realized they needed some supplies. For example, the cat room had almost no cat food left. There was not a shaded area for guests to meet adoptable dogs. The pets needed some enrichment toys to help reduce their stress level living in a shelter environment. So another wishlist was published to social, and the community again helped out with boxes arriving daily.

On this trip, Scott also met two long-term dogs that had been at the shelter for over a year. Both dogs are tired of being homeless and want to find their forever home.

Josie is a five-year-old Terrier Mix. She has spent 400 days at the shelter. She came in from a terrible situation, but that doesn't define her. She is ready to find a home.

Max is a two-year-old Plot Hound/Boxer Mix. He has lived at the shelter for 450 days. He's energetic, outgoing, playful, and affectionate.

Both dogs are looking for a home with no cats, but other dogs are okay as long as they meet them.

Help find Max and Josie a home. Message Clinton on their Facebook page and schedule your meet and greet.

 Follow Clinton Animal Shelter on facebook.

Clinton Animal Control

 Clinton Animal Shelter Photo Credit: Cassie Schmidt Photography