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Scott Poore Loves Doing Something Kind Every Day

on December 07, 2021
Scott and Caddy, Juan, Out Golfing_Mission Driven Goods
Scott Feeding Raccoon
Scott Loves All Animals


Scott Poore's life is dedicated to helping long-term shelter pets find loving homes. As you might know, he spends every day of the year volunteering and advocating for homeless pets, animal rescue groups, and animal shelters. And when we say he spend every day doing something good, we aren't joking.

Recently, Scott took a much-needed vacation, and while on vacation, his love for animals and people continued.

The resort he was staying at might not have loved it, but every time Scott sat down for a meal, he would have a nursery of raccoons come up to him. Although most people would shoo them away, Scott would feed them. Come to find out; they were obsessed with french fries, so he ordered lots and fed them by his table.

Let's say his last meal; the staff was a little too happy to present that check!

Scott has a huge heart for homeless pets. It's evident in everything he does. But his compassion extends to people too.

On one of his vacation days, he decided to play a round of golf. They introduced him to his complimentary caddy, Juan, when he arrived at the course.

Scott thought it seemed a little silly to be given a caddy, so he told the golf course manager the only way Juan was going with him was as a golfer.

That day, Scott proudly paid Juan's green fees, and off they went.

During our outing, I learned that Juan has three jobs, a wife, and four children. He never once complained about anything as he shared more about his family and life with me. He has worked at that golf course for eight years, and that was the first day he ever played the course himself.

Juan beat Scott by two strokes, and they had an absolute blast.

Scott's mission is to help as many homeless pets as possible, and he never backs down anytime an opportunity arises to give back. His life is all about giving, and it shows no matter where he is.

When you care enough to help animals, you can change the world. SCOTT POORE