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The Christmas Miracle of Boss Baby - The Dog Shot in the Face

on January 04, 2022
The Christmas Miracle of Boss Baby - The Dog Shot in the Face
The Christmas Miracle of Boss Baby - The Dog Shot in the Face
The Christmas Miracle of Boss Baby - The Dog Shot in the Face

It's the kind of message that Scott never wants to receive about an animal.

On December 27th, Scott received a message that brought tears to his eyes. He reacted with compassion, love, and an immediate plan of action. He showed up for a dog in desperate need of medical help and clinging to life.

Just forty minutes outside Kansas City in Odessa, Missouri, a woman had come across a dog who had been shot in the face. She got him into her vehicle, contacted Scott to see if he could help, and then drove the dog to meet him.

The injured dog was brought to Mission Veterinary Emergency & Specialty in Mission, Kansas, where he was immediately treated for his injuries. The gunshot went through the cheek and the chin.

The Christmas Miracle of Boss Baby - The Dog Shot in the Face


Not knowing the total costs, Scott used his credit card to pay for the medical emergency. Then when he had a moment, he asked for help from his loving, generous community of pet lovers on social media.

It never ceases to amaze him that $5000 came in from the community in just one hour.

Scott spent the whole night at Mission Vet with the injured dog offering support and love.

It's a Christmas miracle that the woman who found the dog just happened to love animals and stopped to help. And then she reached out to the one person she knew who would drop everything and be there for a dog in need.

At the time, the dog's name was not known. No one knew if he had a family worried about him or what his future would hold. But the one thing everyone clung to was hope... hope that the dog would survive and be okay.

And then another miracle happened, the owner of the dog was found. She reached out to Scott and told him that Boss Baby had been out running on the farm and had taken off. They searched for him but never found him. Finally, she discovered his location and what had happened to him through a family member who saw a post on the Odessa Community Page.

She was so incredibly relieved to have found him, but heartbroken that someone had shot him.

While the exact details of how or who shot Boss Baby are unknown, the assumption is that he wandered onto a farmer's property and they took initiative and shot him in the face at close range. The bullet traveled through the side of his jaw and out of the bottom of his lower jaw.

The Christmas Miracle of Boss Baby - The Dog Shot in the Face


Boss Baby made it through that first night. He was on a feeding tube, and they were hoping he would be able to go home the next day or two, but then some setbacks occurred.

Although Boss Baby was showing interest in eating, after overnight observation, they realized he was struggling to swallow, so they had to reinsert the feeding tube and continue monitoring him and working with him on eating.

On New Year's, he walked down the hallway and sat right on Scott's lap. His vision is a little blurry, and they will continue to monitor that, but he is progressing in the right direction.

And just two days after that, Boss Baby was eating like a champ. Although it was only a gruel diet, it's a step in the right direction. Finally, he has an appetite and can swallow.

On January 4th, he was transported to a dental surgeon for his reconstructive surgery. He will go back in six weeks for the follow-up surgery. 

His postop recovery will be long and hard, but he will be able to do it with his loving family and in the comfort of his own home.

Boss Baby and his family want to thank everyone for their support. His story is a Christmas miracle.

I will never understand how anyone could hurt an innocent animal. SCOTT POORE
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