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The Shelter Pet Story that Created Mission Driven

on January 04, 2021


One of the first days as a full-time volunteer, Scott was at a local animal shelter. He was walking around, introducing himself when he noticed some kennels have signs that read, "Staff only can interact with this animal." These animals were drastically different looking than the ones that everyday volunteers helped.

At that moment, everything changed for Scott as he realized he was going to help with the animal's nobody wanted. His goal would be to turn them into pets everybody wanted.

These homeless pets have been so neglected or abused that they suffered from behavior issues or were just old senior animals. To the average person walking into the animal shelter looking to adopt, these were the last animals they would ever consider bringing home.

This particular dog had come from an abusive home- towards both the humans and the dog. He had been in the shelter for weeks but still sat at the back of the kennel and just shook.

Scott took the initiative and got permission from the staff to sit on the floor with the dog. For the first two months, he didn't even touch the dog. His focus was to gain trust and try not to force himself into the animal's world.

He would go to the kennel and read emails and post on social media. He just sat there. The dog didn't even sit next to him until after that first month.

Then after a couple of more weeks of sitting with the dog, the dog put his head on Scott's leg. Very gently, he petted his back. That day they became friends.

This dog made me Scott realize he needed to share the stories of shelter pets like him. He knew these dogs' videos could show people their good qualities that you don't see when passing kennel after kennel in the shelter. These are the dogs that may growl or bark at you as you pass.

But when given time to trust, they do.

First impressions are everything.

Through the Mission Driven platform, Scott can share these dogs' and cats' stories that people walk by because they weren't impressed. These stories share the abuse and neglect the animal may have faced. He also shares how trust can be gained and that animals are lovable and adoptable under that rough exterior.

Mission Driven offers education on dealing with animals that aren't always easy and friendly at first. From the first interaction to trust-building to adoption, Mission Driven shares long-term shelter pets' journey finding permanent homes. When a rescue animal has suffered abuse and neglect, it should never trust or love another human being, yet they do, and unconditionally.

They still want to love and be loved.

For every litter of puppies born to a backyard breeder, one shelter dog is euthanized- a shelter dog that would give anything to find a home.

Animal shelters might have pets who have some sad chapters in their story, but a person – like you- could change that. Animal shelters are a place where you can give hope, love and a forever home to a homeless pet.

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