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5 Reasons You Should Buy Our Natural Peanut Butter Dog Treats

on April 09, 2021
Mission Driven Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Dog owners always want to give their pets the best for food, love, accessories, and attention. But did you know that not all dog treats are created equal?

If you have ever checked out the ingredient list on your food or your dogs, you might get overwhelmed with the list of ingredients used, half of which you read and don't even know what it is. But what if you could buy a bag of dog treats and the ingredient list was four items, all of which you probably have in your kitchen?

Today, Mission Driven launched our first bag of all-natural peanut butter dog treats that will have your dog begging for more.


Here are 5 Reasons You Should Buy Mission Driven Peanut Butter Dog Treats

1. The dog treats are made with love by an extraordinary group.

We partnered with PawsAbilities, a Kansas City nonprofit that provides skills training and job placement for young adults with developmental disabilities.  

PawsAbilities program teaches participants job skills that they can transfer to a workplace. Individuals with developmental disabilities need a lot of repetition to learn a skill. And this program helps them practice using kitchen equipment and sewing machines.  

The students handcraft every dog treat and pet product they sell. And many students move on to learn how to work the cash register and serve customers at their retail or pop-up locations. The money generated through the sale of handcrafted items goes directly back to running the programs.  

PawsAbilities Makes Dog Treats

"We're empowering people with special needs to work and live independently in their community by providing employment training – creating and selling dog treats and other pet-related products." PawsAbilities

2. The dog treats are all quality, natural, human-grade ingredients.

Skip giving your dog treats filled with moldy ingredients or fillers and provide them with something good.  

The creamy peanut butter dog treats are prepared with four ingredients you would find in your kitchen- wheat flour, peanut butter, skim milk, and baking powder. They are delicious and make every day a special occasion for your pet.  

Peanut Butter Dog Treats

3. The dog treats also help support Scott's mission work.

Mission Driven helps long-term shelter pets find forever homes while creating unique apparel and goods for dog and cat lovers. Scott's the man behind the mission.  

Scott works 7-days a week with animal shelters all over to help get them the resources they need or to share a story of a shelter pet in need of a home. He takes the pets many people pass by and helps communicate their story so people can see just how adaptable they are.

Scott's rescue work is made possible by the online store's pet-themed apparel and goods! So when you buy a cool shirt or these yummy dog treats, you fund Scott's work helping shelter animals find their forever homes plus support other really cool shelter campaigns.

Mission Driven's Rescue WOrk

4.You can donate a bag to an animal shelter.

Not everyone who loves Mission Driven has a dog, but they still love supporting our mission. So not only can dog owners buy a bag of dog treats for their pet, but anyone (dog owner or dogless) can buy a bag and have it donated to an animal shelter.  

When a bag gets donated, Scott will personally deliver it to an animal shelter he visits. And the delight on those shelter dogs' faces will be happy as they munch on their nutritious treat.

Donate a Bag of Peanut Butter Dog Treats to an animal shelter.

5. They can be auto shipped, so you never run out!

We wanted to make sure you never ran out of your new favorite treats, so we made it possible for you to auto-ship them to your house every 1, 2, or 3 months! Subscribe and save is now available on these treats and our coffee!

You have complete control over your subscription. Pause, update, or cancel at any time. All you do is shop, subscribe, and save. We take care of the rest and will have it shipped to your preference!

subscribe and save on coffee and dog treats

You might love our shirts, but this new product is for your dog. Now you can get something for your furry friend and you when you shop at Mission Driven Goods.