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Scott Poore Hit the Road in August to Visit Rural Animal Shelters

on September 08, 2021
Mission Driven Goes Rural August Tour Recap

Mission Driven loves helping long-term shelter pets find forever homes. And this summer's "Mission Driven Goes Rural Tour" has already been a huge success.

In August, he was able to visit three (3) animal shelters in rural communities. But he just didn't visit; he went with a mission to meet two (2) goals.


The 2 Goals of Rural Animal Shelter Road Trip Tour:

  1. Bring exposure to rural animal shelters, showcase their work, and promote a donation drive to provide them with much-needed resources.
  2. Meet their longest-term shelter dog and introduce him to the Mission Driven community to help spread the word on a dog in need of a forever home.
Thank you, Scott for opening so many eyes to the struggle of rural rescue. LINDA M


Regina’s Rescues, Parker Kansas

On August 9, Scott headed an hour southwest to Parker, Kansas, to visit Regina's Rescues.

Regina's Rescues mission is to try and save as many dogs as they can that are neglected, abused, and abandoned. They also work to spay and neuter as many dogs as possible. And they offer free chipping for all animals.

Regina's Rescues began seven years ago in a small red house but expanded with 25 outdoor kennels. But, unfortunately, there is no animal control in their region. So the stray animals in and around their community have no options, which is why Regina and her husband decided to open the rescue. Most of the dogs that come to them have been seized from drug houses or rescued from dogfighting rings.

Regina's Rescues houses 40 homeless pets. Currently, all the animals live outdoors, but they are building an indoor space now. Although these animals live outside, they are well cared for and loved. And they are constantly working on ways to ensure there is more shelter for the animals.

They might not have a big building yet, or have all the resources of other shelters, but they do their absolute best with what they have. And their heart and passion shine through in all they can accomplish.

It's heartbreaking, but this rescue is dedicated to the rehabilitation and finding the perfect forever home for each adoptable cat and dog. They are incredibly humble people, which is one of the reasons Scott visited.

His goal was to help bring exposure to a great rural shelter and fundraise for some much-needed supplies- like cleaning products, collars, bowls, and enrichment products.

And Scott's other favorite thing to do on rural tours is to promote their longest-term shelter pet.

Meet Meathead

Don't let the name fool you because this is one of the sweetest dogs on the property of Regina's Rescues. He's built like a linebacker, and when you go on a walk, he will be walking you. That's not up for discussion. But honestly, he's a gentle giant who needs a little basic training and much love.

Are you up for the challenge? Contact Regina's Rescues today.

A Post from Regina's Rescues

"We do not know what to say about all this love we are getting. Look at everything we received today from loving people that care about animals as we do. Scott Poore made this beautiful thing happen. The love he has for furbabies is just amazing. And how he helps the small rural rescues like ours. We are so very blessed." 

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Regina’s Rescues, Parker Kansas


New Nodaway Humane Society - Maryville, Missouri

On August 13, Scott hopped back in the car. He headed ninety minutes north to Maryville, Missouri, to visit New Nodaway Humane Society. Maryville is a small college town with about 10,000 people.

New Nodaway Humane Society has been in that community for 30 years and currently houses 43 dogs and 34 cats. It is a no-kill, non-profit shelter where private donations make up over 50% of their financial support.

Through the efforts of their staff and volunteers, they offered care and compassion to nearly 700 homeless dogs and cats in 2020 with a 92% adoption/reunification rate. They also opened a new outdoor cattery and a low-cost rabies clinic. In addition, they offered 100 free spay and neuter vouchers to the community.

While visiting their shelter, Scott noticed every room was being used for animals; he also got to meet Kevin, a housecat who needed a wheelchair. In addition, his tour allowed the pet rescue community on Facebook to how beneficial an Amazon Wishlist would be. As a result, they had over 70 packaged filled with goodies delivered, over $1200 was donated to New Nodaway, and Kevin got a wheelchair.

And while they are incredibly proud of these accomplishments, they have six long-term dogs that combined have spent over 1,900 days in the shelter. They are committed to finding each of them a safe and loving home. And we are going to introduce to three of them!

Meet Luna, Giles, and Jake

These are the three dogs that have lived at New Nodaway Humane Society the longest. Luna, Giles, and Jake are perfectly imperfect, which is why Scott (and the New Nodaway staff) love them so much. They have spent a combined 1,070 days in the shelter and are ready to find a home.

Meet Luna

Luna is a Terrier, American Pit Bull/Retreiver, Labrador. She will be two years old in January and weighs about 60 pounds. She is shy. You will have to earn her trust, do everything on her time, and be patient, but the reward will be that she loves you dearly.

Luna is active, affectionate, playful, and might be a couch potato. She is housebroken, crate trained, knows the commands "sit," "down," and "back," and walks on a leash. She also loves being groomed and lying on one's lap.

But she comes with her quirks too. For example, she is fearful, likes to jump on people, chews anything- which means property can get destroyed and is an escape artist. She has also shown aggression around other female dogs, new situations, strange people, and sudden movements. Many of these quirks are puppy behavior and can be addressed with training.

The previous owner said," be patient with her and don't get another dog, and she will be perfect!" She needs a forever home that doesn't have cats or female dogs. She is good with children, men, and women.

Meet Giles

Giles is a two-year-old Shepherd/Retriever, Labrador. He weighs about 68 pounds and is neutered.

Giles is the party animal. He is gentle, walks on a leash, rides in a car, knows the command "sit," and likes to keep to himself. But he has some quirks about him. He does have separation anxiety and can be fearful. When he is given too much attention, he can get a little aggressive. He likes to dig and chew on things. But, with training and consistency, he would be super loyal, ensuring he would be the best dog.

Giles would do best in a home with a woman but is fair around men, other dogs, and cats. Homes with young children are not recommended.

From the staff:

"Giles is one of the dogs from the "crazy eight" litter. Like the rest of the group, Giles needs slow introductions and more socialization. However, he's very sweet and one of the calmer dogs of the group."

Meet Jake

Last but not least is Jake. Jake is a Coonhound. He is eight years old and is the most senior dog at the shelter and the wisest.

Jake gives great hugs. He is dog-friendly, quiet, playful, housebroken, and knows the commands "sit," "shake," and "lay down." His biggest quirk is that he loves personal space and asserts dominance when on the bed, and has difficulty sharing with people.

His dream house is one with a couch or front porch to hang out on. And would do well with women, men, other dogs, cats, and livestock.

From the staff:

"Jake is a sweet old man. He'll come up to you and put his head on your lap or will stand on his back legs and give hugs. It's important to be firm with Jake and not give in to his dominant behavior. You are the pack leader so don't back down. Once he has calmed down or is showing the behavior you do want - it's then that you can interact with him."

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Stover Animal Rescue - Stover, Missouri

On August 26, Scott headed 2 hours southeast to Stover, Missouri, where we spent the day with Stover Animal Rescue.

Stover Animal Rescue is a no-kill nonprofit dog and cat rescue. They operate by the dedicated work of their volunteers and are funded totally through donations and their Thrift Store. These are some very hard-working and compassionate volunteers that work tirelessly to help the people and pets in their community.

The biggest challenge for this animal shelter is that it helps 200+ homeless animals a year, but the town only has 1000 people. So the odds are stacked against them, but you would never know it by their positive attitudes.

The animal shelter has outdoor kennels with doghouses, cold water, and fans. Of course, all animals can go inside, but these are country dogs that love being outside.

As always, Scott helped them set up an Amazon wishlist that was filled with functional items. The packages that arrived filled with much-needed resources help relieve some financial pressure for them! Plus, over $500 was donated towards their shelter from our visit.

And, of course, we couldn't end our visit without promoting their longest-term homeless pet.

Meet Sissy

Sissy is a Terrier Mix who is between 3 and 4 years old. She has been at the shelter for eight months and wants to find her forever home. She loves to play fetch and doesn't like cats. She gets along with most dogs her size. And if you have a tennis ball at home, you can keep her entertained all day! She is looking for a forever home; maybe you can help?

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Stover Animal Rescue, Stover MO